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GEROVITAL H3 The Fountain of Youth

 Gerovital H3 is a drug manufactured only in Romania

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In 1905, German biochemist Alfred Einhorn developed procaine (commonly known as “Novocain”) to replace cocaine as a local anesthetic. After years of use, doctors noticed substantial regenerative effects in some patients. The numbing effects of procaine lead to the body naturally breaking it down and rejecting the substance. Enter Dr. Ana Aslan and her groundbreaking research in the field of anti-aging.
Upon earning her medical degree from the University of Bucharest in 1924, she joined Dr. C.I. Parhon, one of her professors and founder of the Romanian School of Endocrinology, to study the human aging process in a home for the elderly where Gerovital H3 was regularly injected into patients. Dr. Aslan, who became Director of the National Institute of Gerontology and Geriatrics in 1951, conducted numerous clinical studies to test Gerovital H3’s effectiveness.
In a 2-year scientific study Dr. Aslan, along with 200 other physicians, noted that Gerovital H3 has positive effects on:
§  Energy
§  Memory
§  Blood Pressure
§  Joints
§  Pulse
§  Respiration
§  Hearing
§  Cholesterol
§  Hair
§  Skin
§  Nails

A Test Of 15,000 Romanian Workers
In a two-year scientific study of 15,000 workers in Romania, Dr. Aslan and 200 physicians found that Gerovital H3:
§  Maintained memory
§  Enhanced blood pressure
§  Regulated pulse rates
§  Maintained respiratory capacity
§  Regulated cardiovascular effects
§  Furnished higher energy
§  Benefited joint health
§  Benefited poor hearing
§  Lowered cholesterol
§  Supported stomach acid production

Ask The Stars
I remember hearing, years ago, about the “Fountain of Youth” and I believe that people are still interested in that concept today. I have read about movie stars receiving “longevity” and “anti-aging” treatments from European spas. Do you ever wonder why it seems that only the rich discover these exotic treatments?

What Do They Know?
It’s true that movie stars look great and seem to age very well. Some show no signs of aging and keep their youthful glow at any age. It’s common to see a celebrity and say, “Look at them! See how beautiful they look for their age.What do they know that I don’t?”

Especially If You Are Over 40
After the discoveries of Dr. Alfred Einhorn and Dr. Ana Aslan, other early scientists found that the enzyme, Monoamine Oxidase (MAO), starts building up in the brain around age 45. MAO can slowly overpower other beneficial substances, including norepinephrine, which is a hormone absolutely essential to our well-being and vitality. Many doctors have found that people suffering from arthritis, neuritis, osteosclerosis, senility, depression and other debilitating conditions also have high MAO levels.

MAO Is Associated With Aging
These doctors learned that “real aging” can start about the time when MAO increases. Depression may occur because MAO concentrates in the brain. MAO affects the core of our nervous system. Thus, suppressing MAO may help regain the system’s balance. You have probably heard much about the use of drugs to treat depression. Many of these drugs act as MAO inhibitors. This is another reason why Gerovital H3 may be the best thing to happen to you!
With the increase of years, comes the increased risk of disease and disability. The traditional image of the elderly being incapable of working, needing help and care, with a tendency for solitude must be re-evaluated. Aging need not be invasive. Maintaining our dignity, freedom and independence in aging is more a reality now than ever.
To retard the aging process and as a curative treatment of chronic degenerative diseases, Gerovital H3 is indicated for people 50 years and older. Used by thousands, as a curative treatment and preventative anti-aging therapy, it has now become known as the “most effective supplement in the world.”
Gerovital H3 reportedly reduces free radical activity, preventing damage to DNA and cellular membranes. It is also indicated in tropic disorders, neuritis, cerebral and peripheral arteriosclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, spondylosis, arthrosia, osteoporosis, neurodermatitis, eczema, alopecia, psoriasis, scleroderma and vitaligo.
Gerovital H3 has been reported to be non-addictive and has no known adverse effects. After 50 years of use, it is still the greatest anti-aging formula ever invented.

How Does It Work?
Gerovital H3 enhances the body’s functions in many ways. Most simply stated, it is absorbed through the small intestine’s villi, into the bloodstream, which carries it to the various cells of the glands, organs, muscles and tissues. It is also partially absorbed into the large intestine, where it helps promote the normal health and growth of friendly bacteria. This aids to detoxify the intestines and aids digestion by utilizing unabsorbed food and harmful bacteria.

Promotes Health & Vitality
Friendly bacteria are destroyed by antibiotics and other drugs we may have ingested. While Gerovital H3 fights this destruction in our lower body, it also works in the central nervous system, including the brain and other systems, to help promote our overall health and the vitality of our nervous system, liver, kidneys and other organs.

Better Memory & Sleep

Better memory and sleep are just two of the many reported benefits of Gerovital H3. Its positive effects on hair and skin, improved cardiovascular activity, normalization of blood pressure and brain function have been noted by Dr. Luth of Germany and accepted in the scientific community for years. “It improves cardiovascular activity, maintains blood pressure and supports narrowed vessels and brain function,” says Dr. Luth.

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The Real GEROVITAL GH3 Dr Ana Aslan from ROMANIA

The authentic GEROVITAL H3 Dr Ana Aslan it is made only in ROMANIA and is sold by authorized romanian supplier Alex Calin (Phd in Chemistry) located in Bucharest, Romania, Europe.
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Gerovital® H 3 Injections
One vial of 5 ml solution for injection contains 100 mg procaine hydrochloride, 6 mg benzoic acid, 0.5 mg disodium phosphate dodecahydrate, 5 mg potassium metabisulfite, and excipients: water for injections.

Gerovital® H 3 Tablets
One tablet contains 100 mg procaine hydrochloride, 6 mg benzoic acid, 0.5 mg disodium phosphate dodecahydrate, 5 mg potassium metabisulphite and excipients: core: corn starch, mannitol, gelatin, talc, vegetable magnesium stearate; Dragee layer: sugar, talc, polyvidone K30, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, colloidal silicon dioxide, polysorbate 80, titanium dioxide, shellack, Carnauba powder wax.



Useful in preventing aging phenomena;
Used in:
Mild-moderate depression, especially when conventional therapy is not well tolerated or contraindicated;
Parkinsonian syndromes - alone or in combination with antiparkinsonian drugs, especially dopaminergic agents;
Chronic degenerative rheumatism;
Systemic atherosclerosis accompanied by hypercholesterolemia, ischemic cardiopathy, arteritis, cerebral atherosclerosis


Gerovital® H 3 should not be administered simultaneously with:
• sulphamides (antagonist mechanism of action) - except for antidiabetic agents;
• anticolinesterase: neostigmine, ezerine (physostigmine) and pyridostigmine.


It is not recommended to use the product during pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Injections: The recommended dose is 5 ml (1 vial) of  
Gerovital® H 3 intramuscular injection 3 times a week (1 vial of Gerovital® H 3 solution every two days) for 4 weeks.

Tablets: The recommended dose is 2 Gerovital® H 3 tablets daily, after meals, in the morning and in the afternoon for 24 days.
The treatment series will be followed annually, continuously or with a one-month rest period between them. The schedule and frequency of breaks will be decided by the geriatric physician, depending on the patient's condition.

Depressive syndrome:
In the first week, the recommended dose is 5 ml (1 ampoule) of Gerovital® H 3 injection daily, intramuscularly, 3 times a week (for example, Monday, Wednesday and Friday);
Week two and third: the recommended dose is 7.5 ml (1 ½ ampoules) of Gerovital® H 3 injection daily, intramuscularly, 3 times per week.
In the fourth week: the recommended dose is 10 ml (2 ampoules) of Gerovital® H 3 solution for injection daily, intramuscularly 3 times a week.
Treatment should be repeated 4-6 times a year.

Parkinsonian syndromes:
The recommended dose is 5 ml (1 ampoule) of Gerovital® H 3 solution for injection, intramuscularly and 2 Gerovital® H 3 tablets daily for 15 days.

Degenerative chronic rheumatism:
The recommended dose is 5 ml (1 ampoule) Gerovital solution for injection

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Romanian GEROVITAL GH3 Anti Aging Treatment Dr Ana Aslan

GEROVITAL GH3 Tablets and Injections Dr Ana Aslan
Authorized supplier: Alex Calin
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Bucharest, Romania, Europe