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Genuine Prof. Dr. Ana Aslan's Romanian GEROVITAL GH3 Procaine HCL injections by Zentiva™ Box of 5 X 5ml ampoules

Also known as GH3: Gerovital-H3 principal ingredient is procaine HCl. The popular and genuine anti agingformulation discovered by Prof. Ana Aslan at the Otopeni clinic in Bucharest, Romania in the 50's. The product is shipped directly from the Romanian manufacturer to all destinations world-wide including the United States. 

Distributor - 
Alex Calin +40723141550 (whatsapp & viber)
Email: order.gerovital@gmail.com
Bucharest, Romania

Genuine Prof. Dr. Ana Aslan's Romanian GEROVITAL GH3
Procaine HCL injections by Zentiva™
Authentic Box of 5 X 5ml ampoules

Ingredients: Procaine hydrochloride 0.1000g, Benzoic acid 0.0060g, Potassium metabisulfite 0.0050g, Disodium phosphate 0.0005g. Manufactured by ZENTIVA® and sealed in Romania with authenticity markings.

Gerovital GH3 is successful in stimulating the body circulation system, improving bones and joints structure, optimizingendocrine gland system and has a mobilizingeffect on cholesterol. The first noticeable signs is improvement of the skin; it reduces wrinkles, restores color and ameliorates skin pigmentation. People who have undertaken this anti aging course report a sensation of significant rejuvenation, sexual boost and a general physical and mental improvement.

Procaine hydrochloride 0.1000g, Benzoic acid 0.0060g, Potassium metabisulfite 0.0050g, Disodium phosphate 0.0005g. Either in 10x5ml ampoules or 60 x 100mg tablets.
The complex effects of Gerovital GH3 are due to its activity both at the level of the central and neurovegetative nervous systems, and at the level of the cells, through the stimulation of tissues regeneration and the improvement of metabolic processes, the product has also been proved to act in the oxidation reduction phenomena of the cell. By its eutrophic action, the product maintains the equilibrium of the cortical processes and ensures the normal activity of the nervous system. Gerovital GH3 exerts an antiacetylcholinic, sympatholic, antihistamine and antiallergic effect, the product decreases the excitability of the striated muscles; it also acts as a spasmolytic, antifibrillary, vasodilating, diuretic and lipotropic agent.
Preventative and curative treatment of old age phenomena. It is also indicated in tropic disorders, neuritis, cerebral and peripheral arteriosclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, spondylosis, arthrosis, osteoporosis, neurodermitis, eczema, alopecia, psoriasis, sclederma and vitiligo.

Dosages and Administration:
Preventative treatment of old age phenomena; Per Os- 2 tablets daily, two or three hours after meals, over a period of 12 days. The treatment should be repeated after a one month break. Parentally; 1 intramuscular injection three times a week, over a period of 4 weeks. The treatment should be repeated after an intermission of 1 to 2 months. The association of both methods of administration is recommended.
- 4 series of injections (3 per week, a total of 12 ampoules); 30 days break; 4 series of tablets (2 daily for 12 days). After 24 days of intermission a new course of treatment may be begun.
The curative treatment is generally, a long term one; 1 intramuscular injection 3 times a week (12 injections per month). After a 10 day break the treatment should be resumed. The series of injections could be alternated with the oral treatment; 6 series of injections and 5 series of tablets, with 10 day intermissions between the courses.
In arthritis, Gerovital H3 may be administered intraarterially or both intra and periartially.
In arthrosis, it may be administered intraarticulary and periarticulary.
In asthma and vasospasm, 1 ampoule can be administered daily, in slow intravenous injection there will be a 2 or 3 courses of 12 injections, with 7 day breaks between them.
In cases of advanced old age phenomena, the parental treatment alone is recommended.
Storage: At room temperature, protected from light and humidity.

All orders are shipped the same-day they are received by "First Class Priority Mail" shipping method unless instructed otherwise by the customer. World-wide deliveries, outside North America, should normally take 7 to 15 business days to arrive, depending on the destination country.  USA/American customers: the stock is already in, available for immediate shipment. No waiting 6 to 8 weeks! Tracking number provided

All boxes of GEROVITAL GH-3 are sealed in Romania with serial number and authenticity markings.

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GEROVITAL GH3 Tablets Original Formula Dr Ana Aslan


Authorized distributor : Alex Calin
Phone: +40723141550 (whatsapp & viber)
Email: order.gerovital@gmail.com
Bucharest, Romania

Procaine, a local anesthetic developed in Europe almost 100 years ago, is the active ingredient of GEROVITAL GH3. Decades ago, doctors using procaine began to notice regenerative effects such as arthritis disappearing in some patients, hair re-growth or hair re-coloring along with an improvement in overall skin quality. The downside to early Procaine administration was the body's reaction to Procaine. Procaine triggered the release of an enzyme called cholinesterase which breaks the procaine down and ejects it from the cells in about one hour.
Dr. Ana Aslan, who could be described as the Grandmother of anti-aging medicine, was a gerontologist and director of the Bucharest Institute of Geriatrics in Romania. She realized that if the Procaine could be stabilized it would no longer "attack" the body, therefore allowing the body to utilize the regenerative effects of the Procaine. After years of laboratory and clinical work Dr Aslan discovered that by adding benzoic acid and potassium metabisulphate to the Procaine, the cells did not reject it and it stays in the body for at least 6 hours.
The resulting compound is now known as Gerovital GH3. Procaine is the active ingredient of GH3 and this is composed from two naturally occurring B vitamins known as PABA (paramino benzoic acid) and DEAE (diethyl amino ethanol). PABA stimulates the production of folic acid and vitamins K and B1, while DEAE helps make choline and acetylcholine, both vital in nerve function. Because GEROVITAL GH3 is a vitamin compound, it is not a drug.
GEROVITAL GH3 has been used by millions of people over the last 5 decades. There have been literally hundreds of clinical studies and laboratory reports on its positive effects. To a certain degree, as with many medicinal products, it isn't fully understood just how GEROVITAL GH3 helps so many different conditions. It is probably due to the fact it works at cellular level, therefore on all cells throughout the entire body, thus working generally. But what is clear, is that GEROVITAL GH3 has no overdose level and it successfully helps with the following:
·         Arthritis
·         Depression
·         Angina
·         Parkinson's disease
·         Skin problems
·         High or low blood pressure
·         Poor lung capacity
·         Ulcers
·         Thinning and greying of hair
·         Poor memory and eyesight
·         Senility
·         Psychotic symptoms
·         Impotence

·         General ill health. 

GEROVITAL GH3 works in a number of ways on the body. One way is to improve the balance with which diverse systems in the body interact. Another is that GEROVITAL GH3 dilates and cleanses blood vessels, which improves circulation to all parts of the body, including the vital parts of the brain. One of the chief age accelerators is poor circulation. Poor circulation can cause a number of conditions including: poor kidney function, senility, angina, arthritis, poor skin tone or elasticity, varicose veins and poor lung capacity. 
The positive effect of GEROVITAL GH3 on depression is well documented. It works by normalizing the level of the enzyme Monoamine Oxidase, more commonly known as MAO. The increase of MAO levels is another aging effect because as it increases it reduces other important substances which relate to youth and vitality. Individuals with high MAO levels often suffer with depression or a general loss of interest in life. Therefore, keeping MAO levels in check is clearly an obvious anti-aging process.

How to take GEROVITAL GH3.

It is best to take GEROVITAL GH3 on an empty stomach and then wait at least one hour before eating or two hours after eating to be sure it is absorbed.
It is recommended that GEROVITAL GH3 should be part of you daily anti-aging vitamin regime. Because GEROVITAL GH3 does not stay in the body, once administration ceases, so do the positive effects of the product.

Please note the original GEROVITAL GH3 Tablets pack from Romania contains just 24 tablets!