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The Real GEROVITAL GH3 Dr Ana Aslan from ROMANIA

The authentic GEROVITAL H3 Dr Ana Aslan it is made only in ROMANIA and is sold by authorized romanian supplier Alex Calin (Phd in Chemistry) located in Bucharest, Romania, Europe.
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Gerovital® H 3 Injections
One vial of 5 ml solution for injection contains 100 mg procaine hydrochloride, 6 mg benzoic acid, 0.5 mg disodium phosphate dodecahydrate, 5 mg potassium metabisulfite, and excipients: water for injections.

Gerovital® H 3 Tablets
One tablet contains 100 mg procaine hydrochloride, 6 mg benzoic acid, 0.5 mg disodium phosphate dodecahydrate, 5 mg potassium metabisulphite and excipients: core: corn starch, mannitol, gelatin, talc, vegetable magnesium stearate; Dragee layer: sugar, talc, polyvidone K30, sodium carboxymethylcellulose, colloidal silicon dioxide, polysorbate 80, titanium dioxide, shellack, Carnauba powder wax.



Useful in preventing aging phenomena;
Used in:
Mild-moderate depression, especially when conventional therapy is not well tolerated or contraindicated;
Parkinsonian syndromes - alone or in combination with antiparkinsonian drugs, especially dopaminergic agents;
Chronic degenerative rheumatism;
Systemic atherosclerosis accompanied by hypercholesterolemia, ischemic cardiopathy, arteritis, cerebral atherosclerosis


Gerovital® H 3 should not be administered simultaneously with:
• sulphamides (antagonist mechanism of action) - except for antidiabetic agents;
• anticolinesterase: neostigmine, ezerine (physostigmine) and pyridostigmine.


It is not recommended to use the product during pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Injections: The recommended dose is 5 ml (1 vial) of  
Gerovital® H 3 intramuscular injection 3 times a week (1 vial of Gerovital® H 3 solution every two days) for 4 weeks.

Tablets: The recommended dose is 2 Gerovital® H 3 tablets daily, after meals, in the morning and in the afternoon for 24 days.
The treatment series will be followed annually, continuously or with a one-month rest period between them. The schedule and frequency of breaks will be decided by the geriatric physician, depending on the patient's condition.

Depressive syndrome:
In the first week, the recommended dose is 5 ml (1 ampoule) of Gerovital® H 3 injection daily, intramuscularly, 3 times a week (for example, Monday, Wednesday and Friday);
Week two and third: the recommended dose is 7.5 ml (1 ½ ampoules) of Gerovital® H 3 injection daily, intramuscularly, 3 times per week.
In the fourth week: the recommended dose is 10 ml (2 ampoules) of Gerovital® H 3 solution for injection daily, intramuscularly 3 times a week.
Treatment should be repeated 4-6 times a year.

Parkinsonian syndromes:
The recommended dose is 5 ml (1 ampoule) of Gerovital® H 3 solution for injection, intramuscularly and 2 Gerovital® H 3 tablets daily for 15 days.

Degenerative chronic rheumatism:
The recommended dose is 5 ml (1 ampoule) Gerovital solution for injection

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Romanian GEROVITAL GH3 Anti Aging Treatment Dr Ana Aslan

GEROVITAL GH3 Tablets and Injections Dr Ana Aslan
Authorized supplier: Alex Calin
Email: order.gerovital@gmail.com
Phone: +40723141550 (whatsapp & viber)
Bucharest, Romania, Europe

Monday, 8 February 2016

Original GEROVITAL GH3 Anti Aging Treatment by Dr Ana Aslan

Authentic Romanian GEROVITAL GH3 is  an original treatment with worldwide recognized results in the prophylaxis of aging processes.

We are proposing you the latest, scientifically worldwide approved ways of having a healthy skin and body.
We offer genuine Gerovital GH3 Treatments by Dr Ana Aslan for Geriatic persons.
Our Goal is to keep you through lifetime in health, with high self-esteem and a Baby Skin.

International Orders: order.gerovital@gmail.com
Phone: +40723141550 (whatsapp & viber)
Buy direct from authorized supplier: Alex Calin
Bucharest, Romania


Also Called Gerovital Phenomena, Gerovital GH3 is the most trusted and most effective anti-aging therapy available anywhere in the world.
Anti-Aging Medicine is a relatively new term. Although the definitions vary, the principle is to slow, and at times, even reverse the aging process. Aging may be defined as cumulative changes that lead to a decrease in functional capacity. In humans, aging is associated with degenerative changes of the skin, bones, heart and blood vessels, lungs, nervous system, and other organs and tissues.

Today, Alex Calin (PhD in Chemistry) is  the unique authorized representative of the original Gerovital GH3  Products by Dr Ana Aslan.

Contact Information:
PhD. Alex Calin:+40723141550(whatsapp & viber)
Email: order.gerovital@gmail.com
Bucharest, Romania

GH3 Gerovital is a state-of-the art in anti-aging formulas. Anyone who wants to prevent or alleviate age-related diseases should be taking GH3 every day".
Dr. Hans Kluger, Professor at Chicago's Roosevelt University
author of "Slowing Down the Aging Process"
"Gerovital H3 is a major step forward in the field of anti aging. The metabolites of procaine have enormous impact on restoring key areas in the body. GH3 has deservedly earned a strong reputation among the older population - it enhances joint mobility and arterial health, improves mental acuity while chasing the blues away, and it also rejuvenates the skin. It's what you can call an all-body formula for postponing the signs of aging".
Dr. Paul Yutsis
''I believe that Gerovital also improves the oxygen capacity of the blood. What happens, you improve the function of every organ in the body. GH3 has different effects on different people, sometimes you don't even notice what's happening to you until somebody asks if you've had a facelift! The most notable effect of GH3 is that loose, flaccid skin becomes smooth and tight rather quickly"

Dr. David Kratz, USA